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Your athletes have the potential to be champions. But in order to reach their full potential, they need the right tools and support.

Dr. Brett can help your athletes develop the mental skills they need to succeed at the highest level. By working with Dr. Brett, Mental Game Coach, your athletes can learn how to:

Hire Dr. Brett

Improve their Mental Toughness

Increase their Mental Focus

Stay Motivated

Build Confidence

Manage their Emotions

Perform under Pressure

Achieve Flow State

Working with Dr. Brett can give your athletes the edge they need to win championships and become the best they can be.

Benefits of working with dr. brett

Improved Athletic Performance

Increased Confidence

Reduced Anxiety

Greater Motivation

Improved Teamwork & Communication

Faster Injury Recovery

Increased Enjoyment of Sport

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With Over 50,000 Hours Of Experience As A Life Coach, Business Coach, Psychologist, And Sports Psychologist, Dr. Brett Consistently Brings Passion, Creativity, And Commitment To His Coaching Process.

He Teaches Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business People And Many Others To Significantly Improve Their Performance In Life, Business, And Sports By Learning To Focus And Concentrate Better, Manage Their Emotional States More Effectively, Become Mentally Tougher, Improve Their Self-Confidence, Learn Greater Self-Sufficiency, And To Eliminate Self Sabotage, The Mental And Emotional Killer Of Success.

Dr. Brett's services

Life Coach

As a life coach, Dr. Brett brings tremendous passion to his work guiding individuals and small groups to live with much greater courage and creativity and to communicate in ways that light others up! Over time, his clients learn the fundamentals of living a healthy, successful life. For example: to avoid nothing, be as present as possible, have bang-up integrity, honor yourself, and develop and trust your intuition. The more we practice living the right way and the more we move away from self-sabotage and other self-defeating habits, the greater our passion and confidence, inevitably leading to success!

Business Coach

As a business consultant, Dr. Brett brings his knowledge and experience of psychology and mindfulness to the business world uniquely assisting businesses and organizations pursue their goals with greater teamwork and intense focus. Having assisted top executives and a multitude of entrepreneurs, Dr. Brett is flexible in his approach helping leaders and managers communicate at such high levels that their organizations thrive over time. An avid networker and generous by nature, Dr. Brett uses his own experience to help businesses build relationships that are as solid as bank vaults. And with his strategic mind, he loves to help organizations find creative solutions to age-old challenges like how to grow and who to hire.

Sports Psychologist

With passion and purpose, Dr. Brett, Sports Psychologist, avid golfer and good athlete, assists a wide range of both competitive and non-competitive athletes such as golfers, soccer, football, and baseball players to perform at much higher levels and to achieve their dreams and goals. His commitment to excellence and expertise with the mental game has a huge impact on their success over time. Teaching athletes to systematically focus on the Fairway, a metaphor for what you want in life, business, and sports and to systematically eliminate the dramas and distractions is essential. His work with athletes also involves a great deal of teaching on meditation and mindfulness, the basis for present moment awareness, the magic of success.

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Bretts helps athletes and teams improve their physical and mental performance. He works with them to develop training programs, set goals, and provide motivational support. He also helps athletes deal with the mental challenges of competition, such as anxiety and stress.