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Dr. Brett Combines A Keen Understanding Of Human Nature, With A Practical Sense For How Professional Organizations Operate. The Result Is Valuable Insight Into How To Maximize Career-Building Potential.

- Michael C.

Dr. Brett has a unique approach to life that has inspired me to live life more abundantly. The freedom Brett has created in his own life is a testimony in and of itself. The possibilities are infinite.

- JM R.

Dr. Brett has combined business coaching and psychology in helping me understand and get rid of distractions that interfered with my business. His approach has also helped me in all facets of life. He is laser sharp when it comes to producing results now.

- Bob T.

Dr. Brett is an alchemist of considerable talent. His ability to draw out others’ hidden talents, insights, and unique vision for the future, combined with guidance for purposeful action, is life-transforming. Brett’s gifts along with his warmth, humor and loyalty make any life changes remarkable. I highly recommend him for the journey.

- Karen H., Ph. D

Dr. Brett has helped me and many other athletes through the stresses of high level sports! If you are struggling to handle the pressure/anxiety of sports performance , Dr. Brett will be able to give you the tools necessary in order to overcome those internal battles. I highly recommend his services and he is a great guy as well!

- Anthony Costa

Dr. Brett is a total package…he has helped me to clarify and redefine both my life and my business.

- Malene B.

Dr Brett is truly an inspiration to work with. His sessions are compassionate and true. He is an amazing life coach because he brings integrity and intuition that catalysts true positive changes. I have worked with Brett for a long time and I can honestly say that he has helped me be the change I want to see in the world.

- Emily H.

For the past several years, I have been working with Dr. Brett on creating a life that is both fulfilling and exciting. In this regard, his guidance has been invaluable. Brett has inspired me to take actions that have lifted me to new levels and moved me into directions I never thought was possible.

- Sean M.

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